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Hardanger Fiddle
Madison, WI

Inna Larsen is a dedicated musician who specializes in educating about the Norwegian Hardanger fiddle, the folk fiddle of Norway. Her presentations take an audience from considering this instrument and its music as foreign, to understanding how it is a part of Wisconsin's cultural heritage. In her presentations, Inna introduces students to the Hardanger fiddle through tunes, stories, and examining its exquisite decorations. She demonstrates how these fiddles are unique with sympathetic strings that produce an echoing and shimmering sound. The tunes she plays are from various regions of Norway along with some composed by Stoughton fiddlers Lars and Hans Fykerud of the early 20th century. She describes the history of the Hardanger fiddle in Wisconsin through its connection with Norwegian immigrants.

Program Formats

A general presentation

An introductory workshop

A performance

A teaching session with a strings class

Best for Ages

Early elementary
Grades K-2, ages 5-7

Upper elementary
Grades 3-5, ages 8-10

Middle school
Grades 6-8, ages 11-13

High school
Grades 9-12, ages 14-18

Adults, ages 18 and up

Mixed audiences of any age


Artist fee:

$50/hr for presentations
$50-100 fee for performances depending on length and location


mileage reimbursement

Program Needs:
Chair, microphone, music stand (if available)

Weekends are best. Weekdays/evenings are possible with enough advance notice. Prefers Dane County area but can travel farther with mileage compensation.

Past Venues:

  • Annual Eplegaarden Fall Festival
  • Stoughton Boy Scout Fundraiser, 2009
  • Vasa Park Midsommar Festival, Elgin, IL, 2007, 2008, 2009
  • Nordic Council Scandinavian Fest, Milwaukee, 2007-2008
  • Van Hise Elementary School, Madison, 2007
  • Nordic Council Scandinavian Fest, Hales Corners, 2007
  • Shorewood Elementary School, Madison, 2006
  • Sons of Norway, Janesville, 2005
  • Southern Wisconsin Fiddle Association Spring Jamboree, Stoughton, 2004

Inna Larsen
1731 Camus Lane
Madison, WI  53705
608/236-0468 (evening)

last updated: 07/29/2009   



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