D-U-N-S Number

For Arts Organizations: A Federal Identification Number, assigned by the Internal Revenue Service, and a D-U-N-S number are required before a grant can be made. D-U-N-S stands for "data universal numbering system," a coding method developed by Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) to track businesses in their database. Many state and national arts groups, including the Wisconsin Arts Board, use a powerful advocacy tool (the Creative Industries project) that in turn uses DUNS numbers to identify each for-profit and nonprofit arts-related business in the country. The more accurate the information is, the more successful our combined efforts to increase awareness of the national scope and importance of the arts industry will be.

For more information regarding this financial history D-U-N-S number, and to apply for one, click here.

When applying, please allow 6 weeks (30 business days) for a number to be assigned via the internet at no cost.

If an applicant can show it has applied for, but not yet received a D-U-N-S number prior to the Arts Board's application deadline, the Arts Board will accept its grant application for review pending receipt of that number. Please note: Dun and Bradstreet sales people may follow up and seek to sell their products and services to your organization. Applicants are under no obligation to purchase anything; this is simply standard procedure on their part.