Archived COVID-19 and the Arts in WI Resources

Click on the header above to access the list of resources we have compiled (in our daily Arts News​ service since January, and now here) to help with all of this.​​

​​Click on the header above to access a compilation of tech/teaching resouces, and classes and live events.​

Click on the header above to access a list of recently recorded webinars of interest and use.​

Click on the header to find a sampling of the messages (via email and website) that WI's arts organizations sent to their patrons, partners, audience members, and community stakeholders. We provide these as a way of helping others to shape a response to this public health issue, not to endorse any specific action.

For those who have not yet communicated with your partners, patrons, audience members, and community stakeholders, here are a couple of sample templates that have come our way. We share them for your consideration, without recommending either course. ​Sample Templates​.