Arts & Wellness

​​The arts have long been associated with human wellness. Whether creating, participating, or otherwise engaging in them, the arts heighten our sense of wellbeing and agency. The COVID-19 pandemic inspired Arts Board staff to make this page. For resources specific to that time, visit our COVID-19 & the Arts page​.

We encourage you to explore the resources below.​ 


Creative Aging



Artistic Steps to Take


Wellness Advice from a WAB Intern

Mindfulness: Mindfulness is stepping back from your work and focusing on your surroundings. Take a step back from technology or other distractions and be present in your environment. If inside, look at the space around you, the color of the walls, the arrangement of the furniture. Listen to the sounds that are present. Pay attention to scents and textures. Sit in open awareness and check in with your emotions. Take this practice outside. 

Breaks: Take them! Do something completely different that makes you feel good.

Hobbies: Engage in a hobby that you enjoy that includes progress that you can celebrate.