Creation and Presentation FY24 Interim Narrative Questions

​​​As the Wisconsin Arts Board celebrates its 50th Anniversary, we take this opportunity to gratefully recognize and thank the arts organizations and artists of our state whose work makes our own possible and meaningful. Thank you!

George Tzougros, Wisconsin Arts Board Executive Director

July, 2023

With the understanding that the reverberations from the COVID-19 pandemic continue to have a deep impact on every sector of our communities, and arts organizations and artists in particular, please:

• Provide an overview of any major changes that have occurred in your organization, plans or process over the past year.

• To the best of your ability, provide an overview of what your organization plans to do in the coming months and year. To the best of your knowledge, who will be involved, what will happen, and when and where will activities take place?

• Identify where Wisconsin Arts Board funds will be used, and asterisk new or expanded artistic activities and arts education activities. Note: this part of the narrative focuses on what you will do, not what you have done so far.

Provide the name and email address of the board member who is meeting the public value requirements of this grant in the current year. (See p. 5 of the Guidelines​​.)