Folk Arts Apprenticeship Application Questions

​​Project Details

  • Describe the traditional art form (traditional craft, music, art, dance, foodways tradition, or occupational skill) you will be teaching. What role does this tradition play in your life?
  • What role does this tradition play in your community? Please describe its historical significance to your cultural community.​

Describe Your Work in This Art Form

  • What is your background in this traditional art form? How, when, and from whom did you learn your skills?
  • At what times, places, or events do you practice your traditional art form? Who else participates with you or comes to listen or watch you?​
  • Describe your activities and involvement with this art form in your cultural community. What milestones, recognitions, awards, or other accomplishments have you achieved that relate to your traditional art form?
  • ​Are there languages other than English that are important for conveying knowledge about this art form? In what language(s) will you conduct the apprenticeship?
  • Please describe any urgency to sustaining or practicing this tradition within your community. This might include urgency related to endangered or marginalized art forms, endangered languages, age of culture bearers, or other relevant circumstances.​

Describe Your Apprentice(s)

  • How long have you known the apprentice(s)? Why do you wish to mentor the particular apprentice(s)? If you are applying to mentor more than one apprentice, please explain how number of apprentices is appropriate to the art form and reflects a learning experience that would be deeper than a workshop or class.
  • Have you worked together with the apprentice(s) before? If yes, in what capacity? If the apprentice has been part of a prior apprenticeship award with the mentor artist, be sure to explain why another year is necessary.
  • In your estimation, how much does the apprentice(s) already know about the art form? What does the apprentice still need to learn?
  • Please describe the ways in which you share a cultural community with your apprentice(s) (for example: tribal, familial, religious, occupational or ethnic ties).

Describe Your Work Plan​

  • ​Describe in detail the goals, techniques, skills, and subject matter to be covered during the apprenticeship. How will you help the apprentice(s) learn these skills? If you will complete a specific project, please describe it.
  • ​Where, when, and how often will you meet? Over what period of time? What will you require the apprentice(s) to work on between lessons?
  • What supplies and materials will you need?
  • If you are including travel funds in your budget, please explain who will be traveling where and why.
  • ​What are your ideas for a final public presentation? Please include a proposed location, potential date(s)/timeframe, and any plans for promoting the presentation in your community. The presentation should be appropriate to your art form, such as a small exhibit, a performance, or a workshop/demonstration in a local community setting that is accessible to the public.

Apprentice Questions 

  • What is your experience with the traditional art form you wish to study, or with a related art form? Describe your skills in this tradition—at what level do you see yourself?
  • Describe in detail how, when, from whom, and why you began learning this traditional art form. Who are the people you observed, imitated and interacted with who influenced you in this tradition?
  • What is the role and importance of this traditional art form in your cultural community? At what times, places, or events do you practice this art form? Who else participates with you and/or comes to listen or watch you?
  • Why do you wish to participate in this apprenticeship and why with this Mentor? What do you hope to accomplish?
  • What are your plans for working with this art form after the apprenticeship is complete?​