Local Arts

​​​​​​The Local Arts component supports the creation and development of the arts at the local level. It encourages broad public participation in the planning and development of a variety of arts experiences, including those that respect and promote cultural diversity.

Who May Apply

In addition to the general eligibility requirements, applicants must be a community organization or an agency of city or county government which provides financial support, services, or other multi-disciplined programs for a variety of arts organizations and/or individual artists and the community as a whole.

Goals of the Local Arts Component

The goals of this component are:

  • ​​to encourage broad public participation at the local level in the planning and development of a variety of arts experiences and services, including those that respect and promote the diverse cultural traditions of their community;
  • to increase the ability of local arts organizations to serve their communities; and
  • to support creative work and cultivate expression.

Types of Activities Funded

The Local Arts component provides funds to organizations for projects that create or present exemplary arts experiences, resonate with the heritage and traditions of the community being served, encourage increased local participation and public funding for the arts, and strengthen the effectiveness of organizations. Examples include projects that:

  • ​​​allow local arts organizations to support community-wide projects such as community outreach programs, information services, workshops, and public art;
  • initiate community-wide cultural planning to address broad community goals;
  • engage the community in starting up community oriented arts organizations founded in response to community dialogue (community arts councils, community theater groups, community art galleries, artist cooperatives, etc.);
  • engage people with disabilities in art making and arts experiences; and
  • develop a festival conceived by a community to showcase its current art forms through music, dance and visual arts exhibitions.

Types of Activities Not Funded​

Review the general list of the types of activities not funded​.​​

For more information on Creative Communities - Local Arts, please call Karen Goeschko (608-267-2026).​