Now What?

Recent messages from the Arts Board have thanked our outstanding, departing staff and our cracker jack interns. But as the new fiscal year has begun, members of the Arts Board and Arts Board staff are asked daily, “Now What?”  To which we respond with the state’s motto, “Forward!”  Here are some answers to these frequently asked questions:

Does the Arts Board still exist?  

The answer is two fold.  Yes, the fifteen-member Arts Board still exists.  While the Arts Board is no longer a state agency, it is a division of the Wisconsin Department of Tourism.  In fact, if you look at the statutes, the Arts Board was lifted up and placed – intact – in the Department, with the very notable exception of the Percent for Art Program.

Who is on the Arts Board’s staff?

George Tzougros, Executive Director

Karen Goeschko, Assistant Director

Mark Fraire, Grant Programs and Services Specialist

Chris Manke, Percent for Art Coordinator

Chris will close out the Direct Purchase and Commission programs, and archiving the remainder of the State’s Art Collection. 

Anne Pryor, Folk and Traditional Arts Specialist

You will note the new suffix.  Rest assured, your messages will still reach us if you use the old suffix.

Where are you located?  

Great question!  The week of July 5 we will finish packing the office at 101 E. Wilson Street.  The moving truck comes on Monday, July 11 to take the Arts Board to Tourism.  The street address of our new office is: 201 W. Washington Avenue, 2nd FL.

How can we contact you?  

The Arts Board’s main phone number will not change; it will still be 608.266.0190.  What will change is that it will be answered by an automated voice, directing you to the staff listed above.  The fax number will remain unchanged - 608.267.0380. Snail mail should be sent to:

Wisconsin Arts Board
PO Box 8690
Madison, WI  53708-8690

When will our Creation and Presentation grant award check arrive?

You should have your check in hand by the end of August.

When will our Creative Communities grant application be reviewed?

The Arts Education panel meets on July 27th in Madison.

The Local Arts panel meets on August 11th in Madison.

(Reminder:    If you submitted a Folk Arts application, you will receive an award or denial letter by mid-July.)

How is the Department of Tourism staff receiving its newest Division?

On Friday, July 1 the staff of the Arts Board visited our new space at the Department of Tourism.  As we opened the door to the suite, we were greeted with applause from Secretary Klett and the Tourism staff, a “Welcome Arts Board” sign, and a level of graciousness that speaks volumes for our future together.