Creation and Presentation Program

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​image of clay garder with flowers and butterflies​​Description​

​​​​​​Creation and Presentation Program (CPP) grants provide artistic program and operational support to established nonprofit arts organizations whose primary mission is to create or present ongoing arts programming that makes a significant local, regional, or statewide impact on the cultural life of Wisconsin, and that furthers the Arts Board’s community development and arts education goals (see the Arts Board’s strategic plan).

The program supports 501(c)3 nonprofit arts organizations with strong operations - including stable management, ongoing assessment and evaluation, high artistic quality, and programming appropriate to the communities they serve. These grants also fund overall operating support for eligible arts programs of tribal governments and universities. In these cases, the organizations will use either government or university nonprofit status.​

How to Apply

Requests for grants must be submitted through the Wisconsin Arts Board online application system.

For arts organizations, a Federal Identification Number, assigned by the Internal Revenue Service, and a DUNS number are required before a grant can be made. For more information regarding this financial history “DUNS” number, please visit this web site. This website has instructions on how to apply for a number via the internet.  In addition, we have created a tutorial to help you obtain a DUNS number.

For those applicants who don’t have the technology or don’t have access to the technology to complete the application online, you must contact the Wisconsin Arts Board at 608-266-0190 or via E-mail​.


Resources for Applicants

Sample Evaluation Tools

Resources for Grant Recipients

  • Sample Letters to Legislator and Governor (.docx) (.rtf)
  • ​Ideas for Acknowledging WAB Support for Grant Recipients