The Wisconsin Arts Board Thanks Its Outstanding Staff

June was a month of endings at the Arts Board, even as we look to the new beginnings that July promises for our work.  

Chief among those endings has been saying good bye to many of our staff – several of whom have been with the agency for many years: 

Sue Loniello just joined the Arts Board’s staff in 2010 as our Assistant Director for Administration – ably stepping into the very big shoes worn by her predecessor, Connie Miller, for thirty years before that.   Sue rejoined the Department of Corrections earlier this month.

Danielle Zeman, Percent for Art Program Associate since 2008, when she joined us fresh from the Arts Administration program at UW Stevens Point. Danielle immediately brought her bright spirit to the work of bringing artists, state buildings, and community members together via public art.

Jeri Krohn, since 2007 hers has been the voice you hear when you call our main line; she’s been the organizer of our current office’s Lobby Exhibits program; and for the past few years she’s been the power behind the Wisconsin Arts News.  Jeri has accepted the Executive Secretary position at Tourism.  

Dale Johnson, the voice of calm and reassurance that so many have heard when calling in with questions about our eGRANT system or database issues.  He kept our computer systems operating and supported the peer review panels.  Dale has accepted an Information Technician position with the Department of Administration’s Division of State Facilities.  

Renee Tertin, our webmaster, publications/publicity coordinator, and the coordinator of the ever-popular “Art and Craft Fairs Directory,” who has been with the Arts Board since 1990 when she began at the front desk.  Renee always did everything in her power and beyond to help those who called in for help with the Directory or in other areas. 

As we closed out the fiscal year yesterday, true to form every staff person was fully present to the last, packing up what will move with us to the Department of Tourism, archiving what must be archived, and releasing what is no longer needed.   Their passion, dedication, and commitment was unmatched and was a key ingredient to our agency’s success.


To the five who left in June, we give our heartfelt thanks for the gifts that they have shared with the people of Wisconsin – and with us, their co-workers – over the years, and our very best wishes for the future.