Authentic Superior/Northland College Creative Economy Listening Sessions

​​​​Authentic Superior and Northland College invite community members to join one of three upcoming Creative Economy Listening Sessions, each focused on a set of communities within the region:​

November 13 | 10AM - 12PM | Corny, Herbster, Port Wing, Oulu

November 17 | 5:30PM - 7:30PM | Red Cliff, La Pointe, Bayfield

November 20 | 2PM - 4PM | Ashland, Washburn, Marengo, Mason
Due to the current level of new and active COVID-19 cases in the area, these sessions will be conducted virtually.

The primary goals for these sessions are:

  • Gather each participant's answers to the questions: “What does a creative economy look like in this region?" “What do you need to thrive as a creative producer in this region?"
  • Provide an opportunity for creative producers to connect, network, and collaborate - build a stronger sense of place & connection throughout the region.
  • Gather feedback/input from the region's creative producers on what barriers & opportunities exist to creative a stronger local economy.

Additional information on the research objectives and questions are available in the Listening Session Research Details document

The end product of this effort is to identify 2-3 projects that the participants agree are the most important/most impactful for creating a stronger local economy. These projects (and the other key takeaways from the listening sessions) will then be brought forward to local & state leadership, local &​ state economic development organizations, and other organizations that are in a position to help implement these projects.

To register, visit:​

Contact Erin Hutchinson at or 715-774-3849 or Nicole Foster at with any questions.